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The historic community of Beaver Creek is home to the White River First Nation, and is the most westerly settlement in Canada.  Located just a few kilometers from the Alaska border, on the Alaska Highway, this community of 103 people (2013) is primarily a border post and a service centre for the Alaska Highway.

It has a range of services including local restaurants (some seasonal), hotels and service centre.

Beaver Creek is approximately 290 kilometers from Haines Junction, and 450 kilometers from Whitehorse along the spectacular Alaska Highway.

In 2002, the discovery of ancient human artifacts just 14 kilometers outside of Beaver Creek - the oldest in Canada - has established this area as one of the most exciting archeological hot spots in the western sub-Arctic. 

"We have good datings from faunal remains that have been found in the area. We have a 20,000-year-old horse, a 32,000-year old mammoth..."

Norm Easton, Anthropologist / Archeologist

The"Little John" archeology site, named after the late White River First Nation steward, is jointly managed by White River First Nation and Yukon College. 

Students and local First Nation youth and elders are involved in research of the region's history, language, and culture and the site continues to command international interest among some of archeology's most-renown researchers.


There are approximately 76 homes in Beaver Creek; most of which are single-detached houses (2011). 

The federal government (Canada customs employees), the territorial government and White River First Nations, own most of the housing in Beaver Creek.

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Government services, which includes the Canadian Border Services Agency, territorial government, and First Nation administration provides most employment opportunities in Beaver Creek.  Local lodges and restaurants provide employment during the busy tourist months of May through September.   

Mineral exploration activity in the region holds potential for a greater demand for labour and services, which will also provide for additional opportunities for the people and local businesses.

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