Beaver Creek
Burwash Landing
Dawson City
Destruction Bay
Haines Junction
Old Crow
Pelly Crossing
Ross River
Watson Lake

Business Services

A library, a bank (open two days per week), restaurants, three hotels, a service station, post office, and more provide many of the services needed for basic services in Beaver Creek. 

As with many rural communities, when Beaver Creek residents travel to a larger community, they continue to purchase in bulk, or they order materials and goods by phone or online, or they supplement their groceries by hunting, fishing, or baking.

For business investors, Beaver Creek offers:

  • A relaxing quality of life
  • A supportive, and responsive First Nations
  • Northern expertise in mining, telecommunications, construction and tourism 
  • Excellent funding and incentive programs
  • Excellent communications and technology infrastructure including cell phone service and high speed internet access

Sector Strengths in Beaver Creek:

  • Close proximity to Alaska and Kluane National Park
  • Exceptional landscape, wildlife and adventure opportunities
  • Tourism opportunities

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