Beaver Creek
Burwash Landing
Dawson City
Destruction Bay
Haines Junction
Old Crow
Pelly Crossing
Ross River
Watson Lake

Economic Activity and Development

Government services, which includes the Canadian Border Services Agency, territorial government, and First Nation administration provides most employment opportunities in Beaver Creek.  Local lodges and restaurants provide employment during the busy tourist months of May through September.   

Mineral exploration activity in the region holds potential for a greater demand for labour and services, which will also provide for additional opportunities for the people and local businesses. The Beaver Creek community also relies on subsistence and traditional activities. Many secure a significant portion of their food supply from hunting and fishing, and some earn cash through trapping.

For business investors, Beaver Creek offers:

  • A relaxing quality of life
  • A supportive, and responsive government
  • Northern expertise in mining, telecommunications, construction and tourism 
  • Solid partnership with White River First Nation 
  • Excellent funding and incentive programs

Sector Strengths in Beaver Creek

  • Tourism
  • Government Services
  • Mineral exploration

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