Beaver Creek
Burwash Landing
Dawson City
Destruction Bay
Haines Junction
Old Crow
Pelly Crossing
Ross River
Watson Lake

Geography & Climate


Kluane Ranges, the easternmost of the St. Elias Mountains in the Yukon, extend 350 kilometers northwest from the Tatshenshini River to just beyond the Yukon-Alaska boundary around Beaver Creek.

The Kluane Ranges show a unique ruggedness typified by serrated narrow ridges and steep slopes. And, the area supports an abundance of wildlife, including grizzly and black bear, timber wolf, Dall sheep, mountain goat, caribou and moose.

The ranges are partly within Kluane National Park, approximately a two-hour drive south-east of Beaver Creek, a popular destination among hikers and climbers.


Summers boasts warmer temperatures with as much as 20 hours of sunlight per day: temperatures can reach 30 degrees Celsius but daytime highs normally average 18 to 23 degrees Celsius.

Winter experiences relatively cold temperatures, an average of minus 24 degrees Celsius but can drop to lower temperatures in deep winter months.  Daylight hours are as short as 6.5 hours but with a high incidence of sunshine. It was in the former Snag village (a community near Beaver Creek), that the coldest temperature was recorded for North America on February 3, 1947 at -63 C (-81 F). Snow can fall, and stay, as early as October and melt as late as April.

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