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Quality of Life

Beaver Creek is located on the Alaska Highway, nestled in Yukon's breathtaking, spruce-filled wilderness just a few kilometers from the Alaska border. It is a charming, easy-going community of 103 people (2013) where locals are content to take advantage of a tranquil lifestyle and to enjoy the diversity of wildlife, landscapes, geology and history that surround them.

Beaver Creek is located three hours west of Haines Junction, and approximately five hours from Whitehorse (depending on summer/winter driving conditions) along the historic Alaska Highway.

It is home to the White River First Nation, culturally affiliated with the Upper Tanana and Northern Tutchone people.They are one of three Yukon First Nations that have not signed land claims agreement.

Its location next to the Canada/US border makes the historic community of Beaver Creek a natural stopping point for visitors travelling along the Alaska Highway. It has a range of helpful services including comfortable accommodation, friendly local restaurants and a Visitor Information Centre.