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First Nations

The Burwash Landing area is the home of the Southern Tutchone people of the Kluane First Nation (KFN). The Southern Tutchone language belongs to the Athabaskan language family. For thousands of years, the people have lived throughout the Kluane region, hunting, fishing and gathering food.

The present location of Burwash Landing was used as a summer camp. After a trading post was built in the early 1900s, the First Nations people settled closer to the trading post and began to live a less nomadic life. The site was made the administrative centre for the Kluane First Nation after the Alaska Highway was built.

Today, the Kluane First Nation people of Burwash Landing carry on much of the traditional way of life of their ancestors. They have been exceptionally active in reviving their language, culture, and traditions, and in passing this knowledge on to their children.

The Governance Body of the Kluane First Nation is composed of a constitutionally mandated elected body consisting of a Chief, Deputy Chief, four Councillors at large, a Youth Councillor and an Elder Councillor.

The leadership of the First Nation has been active in the Council of Yukon First Nations and other Yukon-wide and national bodies. 

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