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Along the western shore of Kluane Lake, the largest lake in the Yukon, sits Burwash Landing, home to Kluane First Nations (KFN), a progressive and visionary self-governing First Nation.  Burwash Landing became the administrative centre for the Kluane First Nation in the 1940s following construction of the Alaska Highway.

The community has a population of 95 people (2012). Many work for the First Nation, operate private businesses, or in summer months,  find employment in the tourism or mining industries.

The community is 285 kilometres from Whitehorse and 127 kilometers northwest of Haines Junction.  Destruction Bay, a largely government services community, is 17 kilometres south of Burwash Landing with many services are shared between the two communities.

Nestled in the Shakwak valley, on the perimeter of beautiful Kluane National Park and the Tachal Region, Burwash is surrounded by some of Canada’s most beautiful mountains and geological curiosities.  

The community’s proximity to Kluane National Park offers potential for tourism development and increased traffic through Burwash Landing. Further tourism-related services could be developed locally, with seasonal work opportunities.

The Kluane Lake area is the traditional territory of the Kluane people. The majority of the First Nation people from this area identify themselves as Southern Tutchone.Burwash Landing is making great strides in the advancement of their community; a new recreation centre, experiments with solar and geothermal energy, mining interest, and a revival of the Southern Tutchone language and culture makes this small town a location to consider.


The principal employer of Burwash Landing is the Kluane First Nation (KFN). The private sector provides employment in in the construction, mining, service industry, and tourism fields.

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There are approximately 73 homes (2011) in Burwash Landing, all owned and maintained by Kluane First Nation (KFN) under their Public Works program.  Most homes are single-detached houses.  The number of new homes increased over 30% from 2006 to 2011. 

Services and Operations

  • Septic pump outs are completed twice weekly
  • Water delivery is completed three times weekly by certified water delivery operators
  • Repairs and renovations are completed by a team of carpenters and labourers
  • New construction projects are managed by the department

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