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Originally named Caribou Crossing for the herd of caribou that swam the narrows between Bennett and Nares lakes, Carcross is perhaps the most photographed town in the Yukon.  It has a population of 423 people (2012), and is home to the Carcross/Tagish First Nation (CTFN).

The people of the Carcross/Tagish First Nation (CTFN), descendants of the Tagish and the Inland Tlingit, who originated in southeast Alaska, built a strong way of life that was dependent on the land and the animals to live.

Today, the CTFN is a flourishing Self-Governing First Nation that has maintained their strong ties to the land, to their traditions and culture.

The White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad, completed in 1900, extends from Skagway through Carcross to Whitehorse, and today transports passengers between Carcross and the Alaska port of Skagway in summer.  The railway showcases, not only an engineering marvel of the Gold Rush era, but also provides an opportunity to take in the breathtaking landscape of the area.

The windswept dunes of the world's smallest desert, Carcross Desert, the world class Montana Mountain biking trails, along with a spectacular landscape and friendly people make Carcross a fantastic community in which to settle.


As of 2011, there were 221 houses, the majority of them single-detached homes.

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The main employers in Carcross are with government: Federal, Territorial, and First Nation. The private sector provides employment in tourism, construction, and service industry. 

Tourism is playing an increasingly larger role for the employment sector: based on its location on the South Klondike Highway, and with scheduled railway passenger service between Carcross and Skagway, the town is becoming a major tourist destination.

Outdoor adventure sports including hiking, skiing, mountain biking and windsurfing are drawing many tourists into the community providing many opportunities for entrepreneurs.

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