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Carmacks is a unique northern community that boasts a colourful history; over the years it has served as a traditional summer home and trading post for the Northern Tutchone people, a coal-mining community and service centre during the Klondike Gold Rush.  It presently offers an exceptional way of life for its current population of 512 (September, 2012).

Located at the confluence of the Yukon and Nordenskiold rivers, the village lies 180 kilometres north of Whitehorse on the Klondike Highway, near its junction with the Robert Campbell Highway.

Originally, the Carmacks area was part of the hunting and fishing territory of the Northern Tutchone people.  When the first leg of the Klondike Highway was completed in 1950, Carmacks became a major service centre.  At that time the Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation people took up permanent residence on the north bank of the Yukon River, where most still live. The business section of Carmacks is on the south bank.

The modern community is named for George Carmack, one of the discoverers of gold, and a seam of coal at Tantalus Butte.  Carmack built a cabin that grew into a trading post - Carmack's Post.

Today, Carmacks is known as the ‘hub of the Yukon’, as you can easily travel by road to any destination in the Yukon.  Business opportunities are abundant, outdoor adventures continuously beckon, First Nations culture and rich history all contribute to an exceptional lifestyle.

"I can’t really say if it’s the adventure; hiking, fishing, kayaking, or if it’s the people; chatting on the street corner, knowing folks on a first-name basis, or if it’s the magic of a Carmack’s winter evening.  It is all of those things that brought me north two years ago and I can’t imagine leaving."   



There are approximately 246 private dwellings (2011) in Carmacks.

  • Yukon Housing Corporation
    Yukon Housing Corporation offers 14 staff units and 16 social housing units in Carmacks. The Corporation also offers programs and services that enable home renovations, construction of additional rental suites, mortgages and financing.
  • The Village of Carmacks
    Provides information on living, working and playing in the community
  • Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation
    Provides information on opportunities for their community
  • Yukon Socio-Economic Web Portal 
    Provides census information on housing, and more for Carmacks, as well as other communities of Yukon

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The main employers in Carmacks are with government: Federal, Territorial, First Nation and municipal. The private sector provides employment in in the construction, mining, service industry, and tourism fields. 

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  • YuWIN
    Online employment resource for employers and job seekers, including current job listings, the Yukon labour market, career planning, education, and training
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