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Welcome to Dawson City
Dawson City boasts an eclectic mix of arts, culture, wilderness and history. Placer miners, artists, adventurists, old-timers and new-timers effortlessly share the town - a haven tucked away in the middle of Yukon.
The town of nearly 2,000 people work mainly in the tourism, mining and public service industry; some came to share in Dawson’s unique arts and culture, others for the adventure and pristine beauty, and others to be part of the strong community spirit.

Dawson City At a Glance

Estimate number of residents (2012 Yukon Bureau of Statistics)
Aboriginal Population
Total Aboriginal Identity Population (2011 National Household Survey)
Knowledge of English Language only (2011 Census)
Average Income
Average income of private household (2011 National household Survey)
Average House Price
Average value of single-family dwelling (2006 Census)(Data from the 2011 National Household Survey to be released by September 2013)
Median Population Age
Population by Age Group (2011 Census)
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Dawson City is home to the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in (People of the River), a community that has lived throughout the Yukon and along the Yukon River for millennia, and now comprise over one-third of the town’s population. This self-governing First Nation is deeply committed to the preservation of their language, culture and environment.

Watch The Breakup through your office window, spend time with an engaged and creative community of people, enjoy endless days in summer, and northern lights in winter.

“From its dirt roads and wooden boardwalks, to its rich history and intriguing traditions, there’s nothing quite like this little Klondike town”.

Tara McCarthy ~ Editor, Yukon North of Ordinary

There are no strip malls or traffic lights. And, yes, you can purchase locally grown apples.