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Arts, Culture and Heritage

Faro is located within the traditional territory of the Ross River Dena Council, in an area that continues to be a prime moose-hunting spot. The language originally spoken by the people of this First Nation was mainly Kaska, although a number of the First Nation’s citizens are Slavey speakers.

Faro was once home to one of the world’s largest lead, silver and zinc mine from 1970 until 1998.  Currently, reclamation is ongoing and managed by Yukon Government.

Today, the Town of Faro continues to draw artistic and creative people; through zoning and policy, local and territorial government is encouraging the development of a larger artistic community.

  • The Town of Faro
    Provides information on the community of Faro
  • The Frozen Mukluk
  • The Town of Faro’s monthly newsletter (available online on the Town of Faro website) provides listings of local events, activities, and programs

  • Ross River Dena Council
  • Provides information on the First Nation

  • Anvil Range Arts Society (ARAS)
  • Anvil Range Arts Society (ARAS) is a non-profit arts organization promoting and supporting local artists and craftspeople 

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