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Economic Activity and Development

Faro’s present economy includes Government Services from the Federal, Territorial, and Municipal governments; mining; construction; transportation; energy; and service sectors.

Faro is in the process of making an economic transition from mining to new opportunities, although, it is likely that mining will contribute at some level to the economic future of Faro, through reclamation activities,  mine clean-up, and exploration activities.

Availability of Internet technology also opens up new opportunities for business creation and the opportunity to market Faro’s attributes worldwide.

For business investors, Faro offers:

  • Affordable housing
  • A supportive, and responsive municipal government
  • Northern expertise in mining, telecommunications, construction and tourism 
  • Excellent funding and incentive programs
  • Exceptional landscape, wildlife and tourism opportunities
  • Strong commitment to their Official Community Plan

Economic activity information is provided in the following:

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