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Geography & Climate


Faro lies in the Yukon Plateau–North Ecoregion; the largest ecoregion contained entirely within the Yukon. It includes a 450-kilometer length of the Tintina Trench, and several large river valleys traverse the ecoregion.

The Fannin sheep of the McArthur, Russell and Anvil ranges that surround Faro may be the result of isolation during the last glaciation. The glaciated valleys host numerous wetlands, including the Sheldon Lake complex and Horseshoe Slough.

A major draw for the Faro area includes Faro's "main attraction", a small population of Fannin sheep that resides near the community. The Town of Faro hosts an annual Crane & Sheep Viewing Festival in early May of each year, as it experiences one of North America’s most spectacular migrations Thousands of Sandhill Cranes swoop and soar above town on their way to nesting grounds in Alaska and Siberia. While there, you can view the unique Fannin sheep. For more info call 1-867-994-2728 or visit www.faroyukon.ca


Over the past few decades, Faro's typical January weather has seen a daytime high of minus 17 Celsius dropping to minus 28 Celsius at night.

Summer temperatures, in July and August, are very pleasant, averaging a daytime temperature of 18 to 21 Celsius.

Total annual precipitation over the 1971 to 2000 period averaged 316 mm, with a little over two-thirds falling as rain and about 110 cm as snow.

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