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Quality of Life

Mount Lorne is a rural community with a close connection to the wilderness areas that surround it. It is a community created out of volunteer efforts. The results of these efforts are the creation of the Hamlet of Mount Lorne, the establishment of the Lorne Mountain Community Association, the Mount Lorne Volunteer Fire Department and one of the best dump and recycling stations in the Yukon.

The Lorne Mountain Community Center hosts a wide variety of events throughout the year catering to all age groups. The events are so popular that they attract many people from outside the Hamlet.

The area surrounding Mount Lorne is noted for its outstanding natural beauty. The rivers, lakes and mountains provide incredible opportunities for many outdoors enthusiasts: hikers, cross country skiers, canoeist and more.

At the same time, the close proximity of the Yukon's capital, Whitehorse, means that the benefits of a city are just a short drive away. Similarly, the coastal community of Skagway, Alaska, is a 2 hour drive south of Mount Lorne across the spectacular White Pass.

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