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Quality of Life

Old Crow is home to 245 people (2011 Census) who enjoy a quiet, traditional lifestyle; 90% of the population are Vuntut Gwitchin.

Old Crow is the most northwesterly village in Canada, and although situated above the Arctic Circle, there are many evergreen trees in this village and the surrounding wilderness. The scenic Porcupine River runs along the southern edge of the village.

In winter, the northern lights often dance in pink and green during the long nights, as the dog teams and wolves howl under the Arctic sky. In the three months of summer, the 24-hour daylight might generate a baseball game at 2 a.m. The ever-popular snowmobiles are replaced with ATVs, as the town continues to use its few miles of road.

The Vuntut Gwitchin people have lived in this country for centuries. Because they are so close to the land and depend on country foods such as caribou, moose, salmon and whitefish, the village has a very traditional flavour.

Berry picking and muskrat trapping are still common activities in a town where people enjoy getting out in the bush and may have a cabin out on the land. Community meetings often include feasts with traditional foods. Special holidays and events are usually celebrated with Gwich'in jigging, square-dancing and fiddling.