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First Nations

The Selkirk First Nation people are Northern Tutchone.

The Selkirk people had a trading relationship with the Coastal Tlingit and would meet to trade during the summer fish camps on the site where Fort Selkirk was to be built by the Hudson’s Bay Company.

After the fur-trading fort was built, the Selkirk people settled there on a more permanent basis, continuing to trap, fish, hunt and gather year-round in their traditional areas.

The fort was later burned down by the Coastal Tlingit and rebuilt at the present site in 1850. With the completion of the highway, the Fort Selkirk people were moved to Pelly Crossing. Today, Fort Selkirk is an important heritage site and is jointly managed by the Selkirk First Nation and the Yukon Government.

In July of 1997, the Selkirk First Nation signed their land claim and self-government agreements at Minto Landing, making them the seventh self-governing First Nation in the Yukon.

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