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Quality of Life

Located in southeastern Yukon, on the shores of Teslin Lake, this once small trading post is now home to a population of 122 (2011 Census) with a flourishing tourism industry.

The community of Teslin provides a balance of services that supports a healthy and active lifestyle and economic opportunity; including an airport, museum, school, community centre, health unit, post office, motels, restaurants, and a general store

I like living in Teslin because it gives me the classic Yukon experience: richness of culture, scenic beauty, natural splendor, spectacular summers and wonderful snows of winter.  ~ Community Member

In spring and summer, when the weather is warmer and the days are longer, people spend much of their time outdoors with gardens and greenhouses.   Winters bring with it outdoor activities, snowmobiling, skating and ice fishing. 

The nearby Nisutlin River Delta National Wildlife Area, home to thousands of migratory ducks, geese, and swans feeding along the delta each year, is a bird-watchers’ paradise. 

Walking to work, knowing all your neighbors and viewing shopping as a social event is important to the community of Teslin.  Many people take part in a sustainable lifestyle and get a significant portion of their food supply from hunting and fishing, and through trapping.

"The difference in this northern town is that the modern elements of life are balanced against a more traditional, sustainable lifestyle."

To meet the future needs of their community, Teslin is taking a strategic approach that makes the most of its strengths.

The Teslin Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (2009), a joint planning document developed by the Teslin Tlingit Council and Village of Teslin upholds the following values for its community:

  • Respect for all community members
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Knowledge, learning, and education
  • Tlingit heritage and culture
  • Protection of the natural environment