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Schools and Training

Primary and Secondary Education
Teslin enjoys significant educational resources; Teslin School serves 48 pre-kindergarten to grade 9 students in a rural setting. Almost all students are of aboriginal ancestry, with the majority being citizens of the Teslin Tlingit Council (TTC).

"Teslin will be a community that provides for the long term social, cultural and economic needs of its residents while protecting and respecting the natural environment that sustains them."

Teslin Integrated Community Sustainability Plan, 2009

The community maintains a high level of involvement in the school and is highly supportive of school programming and of efforts to improve school achievement and social responsibility.  The Teslin Tlingit Council provides an education support worker, Elders in School Program and cultural and experiential activities

Students have a sense of pride in their heritage, their history, and the Tlingit language.

Yukon College provides a local campus in Teslin with an education coordinator; courses are offered online or through tele-conferencing facilities.  

Teslin Tlingit Council Workforce Development
Provides programs to support the Teslin Tlingit people in achieving their greatest education and training potential while maintaining pride in Tlingit identity, language, and culture.

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