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Business Services

Watson Lake is home to a diverse and thriving business community based on mining, tourism and transportation services. The town boasts a vibrant business sector that is knowledgeable, industrious and creative.

Along with a robust infrastructure are a wide variety of services and incentives that support the establishment or expansion of the business industry.

  • Kaska Career Centre
    Provides information on the mining sector employment opportunities
  • Watson Lake Community Outreach
    Offers services for job seekers, employers and businesses in the Watson Lake area as well as Yukon based mining and construction companies
  • Town of Watson Lake
    Provides a list of businesses currently operating in Watson Lake

Watson Lake businesses are supported by a wide-range of initiatives and services, including:

  • A supportive local and territorial government
  • Low taxes
  • Excellent communications and technology infrastructure including cell phone coverage and high speed internet access
  • Local Chamber of Commerce
  • Northern Living Allowance
  • Full service airport
  • Transportation services

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