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First Nations

The Watson Lake area is home to the Liard First Nation and is within the traditional territory of the Kaska people. Liard is one of two Kaska Dena communities located in Yukon and are closely related to the Ross River Dena Council of Ross River.

The Kaska language of the Liard First Nation is one of the Athapaskan languages. The Liard First Nation is organized into a Wolf and Crow moiety (dualistic kinship) system and they observe the potlatch for ceremonies.

“People are either wolf or crow primarily for reasons of marriage (today) but also for looking after families when someone dies and it is commonly referenced by Yukon First Nation people as their clan.”

As with other Yukon First Nations, the Kaska traditionally hunted and gathered on the land for their livelihood. They travelled in extended family groups throughout their traditional territory, hunting, fishing and gathering flora as the seasons permitted.

The Liard First Nation is one of three First Nations in the Yukon that has not settled a lands claim agreement. 

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