Beaver Creek
Burwash Landing
Dawson City
Destruction Bay
Haines Junction
Old Crow
Pelly Crossing
Ross River
Watson Lake

Arts, Culture and Heritage


Yukon may be home to more moose than people, but the 35,503 (2012) enterprising and creative folks who live here are exceptionally talented. Whatever season you choose to visit the Yukon, you will find plenty of festivals and live shows as well as art, historical and wildlife exhibitions to entertain you and give you fascinating insights into local Yukon traditions.  Learn more

Culture and Heritage

Yukon's heritage unites proud First Nation’s cultures, World Heritage Sites, the history of the Klondike Gold Rush and the majesty of Yukon wilderness. Step back in time, or just feel time stand still, as you experience the Yukon's larger than life past and present.  Learn more

Events and Festivals

Discover the authentic, unpretentious Yukon. Meet Yukoners, learn about local traditions, and share a story or two at one of the Yukon's lively community events and festivals.

Whitehorse plays host to a number of festivals throughout the year, while other Yukon communities have pioneered their own unique art, cultural events and festivities. Prepare to join the fun for days of unforgettable entertainment!  Learn more

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