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What does Whitehorse offer businesses?

Yukon is a majestic and engaging land with a wealth of investment opportunities. It is one of Canada's best-kept secrets. Our young territory is one of the last great frontiers left in the world with an abundance of natural resources and untapped business potential.

The City of Whitehorse has many competitive advantages to offer business investors:

  • A skilled and well-educated workforce
  • A supportive, responsive Yukon government offering numerous business incentives
  • Modern airport operating with three major airlines with travel to major Canadian and Alaskan cities, and Yukon (with seasonal European travel)
  • Well-developed infrastructure with all-weather highways
  • Northern expertise in mining, telecommunications, construction and tourism 
  • Growing partnerships with Yukon aboriginal people - Yukon First Nations are open for business 
  • No government debt
  • A favourable tax regime with investment tax incentives
  • Competitive corporate taxes
  • No capital or territorial sales tax
  • An excellent quality of life with access to world class parks and recreational facilities and outdoor adventures 

Many other advantages create an excellent investment climate, including:


Telecommunications and information technology is like any other Canadian city; cell phone service and high-speed internet is available within Whitehorse and throughout Yukon communities.


Businesses are well-catered for in Whitehorse, with a number of major retail complexes in the city, with well-established facilities.


Whitehorse hosts a thriving number of business facilities, major equipment services, and just about everything you would expect to find in a major city.


Whitehorse has a modern airport operating three major airlines with travel to major Canadian and Alaskan cities, and Yukon communities (with seasonal European travel), and inter-city travel offers a city bus service and taxis.

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